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Broadband - Will it Distress Your Online Marketing Future?

The appearance age of all-purpose Broadband use behavior down upon us, detailed by minute, is going to leave many changes in its wake. Some will be welcome; others will challenge all we can do, just to keep up!Of course, items like high condition graphics, streaming video and movies on challenge will be commonplace.

A Cheap Complementary To Broadband?

Are you a dial-up user looking for a nearer connection, but don't like Broadband prices? If so, you be supposed to take a look at a new ceremony called OnSpeed, which has established rave reviews in Internet knowledge publications.What OnSpeed does is to re-route web pages and email via its own servers, compressing the data on the fly prior to distribution it onwards to your PC.

Ka Band -Affordable Satellite Internet On The Way!

Ka Band VSAT* satellite internet knowledge has gigantic potential for telecommuters, rural locations and finally for Motor Home users about the U.S.

DSL Internet is a Austere and Easy Way to Get Fast Internet Service

DSL - which stands for Digital Subscriber Line - is a great way to get high-speed internet service, exclusive of having to get a cable modem, or live in an area that has cable lines. DSL providers have very fast and rather cheap internet connectivity.

The Appearance Box Revolution

The revolution is just being paid happening and will be begin to make its mark this year. By 2010, it will begin to take off.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

You've set up your Boingo account, you're execution out at the Home Turf sports bar in LAX and you be included you'll do a a small amount big business or check your e-mail while sipping a Chardonnay. Well, that's the point of Wi-Fi hotspots; being able to take care of a few belongings while in a relaxing atmosphere.

Broadband is State-of-the-Art Internet Access: How Can a Broadband Cable Allowance You?

We are now well ensconced in a time when the Web is riddled with graphics, animations, sounds, and videos, bringing about a inevitability for aloof internet admission such as that which broadband can provide. The fact is that everything less than the speed abounding by a broadband cable has befall hopeless for today's Web users.

Remotely Concerning by Satellite To the Infirmary - 2005

Hospital's and the Medicinal Professionals linked with them diagonally America have open all through the last few years that a great deal of efficiency can be accomplished by utilizing the World Wide Web to attach Doctors, Surgeons, Checkup Transcribers and cool or cell phone Clinics together. A specialist can instantaneously appraisal an X-Ray or medicinal chart half way about the world or from a very cold area.

Time to Redefine Telecom

Telecommunication, according to Wikipedia, is the additional room of consultation over a distance. In practice, it also recognizes that a little may be lost in the process; hence the term 'telecommunication' covers all forms of aloofness and/or conversion of the creative communications, as well as radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data announcement and central processing unit networking.

What are Your Internet Correlation Solutions?

Of basic affair to all internet users is their concrete correlation to the internet.A user needs to look at all the factors and weigh the reimbursement and costsReliability - is the correlation accessible 24/7, or do you get a busy signal?Speed - at what speeds can a user upload and download files?Costs - what are the setup and monthly costs for the internet bond service?Support - is aid existing 24/7 and is it free or is there a cost connected with it?Availability - is the much loved assistance free at your location?Available options with good and bad facial appearance include:Local dial up with phone band (local isp) - While this many times is the simplest, often times, they are the most costly and aid can be an issue.

3 Tips to Fix Unreliable Wireless Connections

Generally speaking, wireless laptop acquaintances are reliable. However, nobody is perfect, and from time to time you may lose your link or come into contact with a weak signal.

Why You Must Alter To A Fast Internet Connection

With high-speed Internet admission appropriate free in more and more areas, conceivably it is now free in your neck of the woods. If it is, you might be wondering if it makes sense to upgrade from dialup.

Business Satellite Internet Food Compared - 2005

There are a digit of options obtainable for Big business Class Satellite Internet connectivity in the U.S.

Google Brings Millions of Hard-to-Find Documentation Books to Your Fingertips

Millions of hard-to-find books from five major libraries will soon be a lot easier to access: Google has made plans to scan and digitize them, creation the books accessible on their far and wide used Internet exploration engine.Google's most recent effort is a large step away from earlier attempts to scan books so they can be read online (Google, Amazon.

Wifi Hotspot Locations for that a Good Thing?

Recent companies have been promotion wifi hotspot locations that are 'turnkey' (they can run themselves), and only cost amid $13,000 and $20,000 to start. Is that good?First of all, if it's so turnkey then why aren't they just popping off wifi hotspot locations left and right for themselves, is it their newfound bounty that has them 'sharing' the opportunities they have available.

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InnovateOhio, ODOT announce steps to expand broadband internet access

The DeWine-Husted Administration, through InnovateOhio, on Thursday announced the release of a Request for Information (RFI) in an exploratory effort to ...

Kentucky Deploying 'Armored' Internet Fiber to Fend Off Hungry Squirrels  VICE

There's a wide variety of odd reasons that your broadband internet *service* can stop working. Stray bullets, for example, cause significantly more internet outages ...

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Announces New Task Force to Bring Farmers Broadband Internet  Observer

Federal Communications Commission Chairman (FCC) Ajit Pai on Monday announced the creation of a new advisory board which will connect American ...

Gov. Mike DeWine offers companies access to state highways, facilities to expand broadband

Gov. Mike DeWine's administration is looking for a few good ideas from tech firms about how they could use the state's infrastructure to expand Ohio's Internet ...

Philippines' Globe Telecoms launches 5G service backed by Huawei equipment  KFGO News

By Neil Jerome Morales MANILA (Reuters) - Philippines' Globe Telecom Inc on Thursday launched Southeast Asia's first 5G broadband *service*, with embattled ...

Tyler County to seek grant for broadband | News, Sports, Jobs  Parkersburg News

SISTERSVILLE — The Tyler County Development Authority and the Tyler County Commission will apply for a grant to connect 1100 homes in the county to ...

Could Amazon Beat SpaceX in Satellite Broadband Internet Space Race?  Motley Fool

In the rocket race to space internet, SpaceX has taken the lead -- but Amazon's got the cash.

Bristol set to build own high-speed broadband system  WMUR Manchester

Cellphone and internet *service* can be spotty in the North Country, but one town is tackling the problem head-on, becoming the first in New Hampshire to build its ...

Report: Broadband access in Pennsylvania worse than thought  ABC27

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – New research suggests the digital divide in Pennsylvania is worse than originally believed. The FCC says more than 800000 ...

Signify's LiFi system promises up to 150 Mbps internet via LED lights  Engadget

This week, Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, launched one of the first commercial LiFi, or Light Fidelity, systems. LiFi transmits broadband internet through lights, ...

Ajit Pai tries to kill San Francisco’s attempt to spur broadband competition  Ars Technica

The Federal Communications Commission will vote next month on whether to preempt a San Francisco city ordinance that was designed to promote broadband ...

Starry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states  Ars Technica

Starry, a wireless home Internet provider, says it has acquired enough spectrum to offer *service* to 40 million households in more than 25 US states.

Schumer: More LIers need true broadband internet  Newsday

Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday that 436000 Long Islanders have slow internet *service* and a report by the Federal Communications Commission paints a ...

FCC approves funding, bringing broadband internet to thousands in rural Virginia  WSLS 10

Over the next decade, nearly 13900 rural Virginia homes and businesses in 34 counties will be recieving broadband internet access.

Vermont governor signs bill aimed at expanding broadband  Times Union

DOVER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott has signed a bill into law aimed at getting broadband to all rural areas of the state. Legislators say 7 ...

More Smartphones May Be Leading to Less Broadband  PCMag

New research shows that the number of people who get (or even want) a high-speed home internet connection is dwindling as they use smartphones for all ...

Which states in America have the best and worst internet?  Mashable

Internet speeds vary wildly across the United States. Who has it best and who's having trouble getting online?

FCC funding broadband internet expansion in rural Missouri  KOMU 8

FULTON - The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) is giving $24.1 million dollars to expand broadband internet access to areas of rural Missouri.

Mobile Technology and Home Broadband 2019 | Pew Research Center  Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project

As the share of Americans who say they own a smartphone has increased dramatically over the past decade – from 35% in 2011 to 81% in 2019 – a new Pew.

Federal Communications Bar Association–Verrill Dana: Solving the Digital Divide  JD Supra

Wireless Technology is the Key to Low-Income and Minority Households' Access to Broadband - Last Friday afternoon, inside a Verrill Dana conference room ...

New Internet Option Available in Laramie

Gering, Nebraska based internet provider Vistabeam is now offering new Internet packages to residents of Laramie, Wyoming. “We are excited to bring the latest, ...

Task force created to improve broadband internet in Idaho  KLEW

The Idaho Broadband Task Force is trying to ensure Idahoans have access to quality broadband. The group is charged with coming up with recommendations ...

Gigabit internet speed comes to DeSoto County | News  DeSoto Times-Tribune

Some parts of DeSoto County are about to enjoy a major “speed boost” in broadband internet *service*.

Better broadband: Committee, WBC update internet access plan  Wyoming Business Report

In May, the Wyoming Business Council and the Broadband Advisory Council updated the Wyoming Broadband Enhancement Plan, aimed at creating access to ...

Minot considers broadband options  Lewiston Sun Journal

MINOT — Selectmen learned Monday night Great Works Internet of Biddeford is interested bringing broadband internet to Minot. Town Administrator Danielle ...

Hongyun Project - China's Low-Earth Orbit Broadband Internet Project  CircleID

Last December, State-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) launched the first experimental Hongyun (rainbow cloud) Project ...

In Washington and St. Paul, progress on rural broadband internet is slow, spotty  MinnPost

Matt Crescenzo's business in Scandia is only about 40 miles from downtown Minneapolis, but his internet *service* is painfully slow. His calls drop and he ...

Global Mobile Commerce Market Outlook 2019-2024: Anticipating a CAGR of 27% -  Yahoo Finance

The "Global Mobile Commerce Market Outlook 2019-2024: Anticipating a CAGR of 27%" report has been added to's offering.

State, Regional Leaders Talk Broadband in Monroe County, Ind.  Government Technology

Population density and whether residents can afford it are two of the main barriers to broadband expansion, officials say. For families unable to afford services, ...

Broadband Providers Begin 5G Rollout Worldwide  PRNewswire

NEW YORK, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- It has been nearly a decade since the last update to broadband technology was released. Throughout the past ...

At least 1/4 of Tennessee students lack home internet, even more in rural districts  Columbia Daily Herald

Back in December 2015, Maury County Superintendent of Schools Chris Marczak signed a digital pledge. By pushing “Take the Future Pledge” button, Maury ...

Three Million US Students Lack Home Internet  Voice of America

It is estimated that nearly 3 million students in the United States do not have internet at home. Almost all American students have access to computers and the ...

King William residents and businesses may see broadband internet within six months  Virginia Gazette

Residents and businesses in King William County waiting on broadband internet won't get it overnight, but some may be able to log on in about six months.

Hasan Minhaj Wants to Mail You a Netflix DVD  Vulture

The latest episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj will be available via DVD. Netflix will send you a little red envelope like it's 2007 if you have Comcast as your ...

Highmore, Eagle Butte businesses among broadband internet grant recipients  Drgnews

Communications companies from Highmore and Eagle Butte are among the first recipients of state grants to fund broadband internet projects in unserved and ...

Microsoft to Bring Broadband Internet, Teach Digital Skills to Rural Vets Under VA Partnership  GovConWire

TYSONS CORNER, VA, May 28, 2019 — Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is working to facilitate internet access for military veterans in rural areas as part of a ...

Broadband study shows city faces challenges  Gainesville Sun

A long-awaited study that centers around elected leaders' interest to expand broadband internet services to Gainesville residents, and possibly county residents, ...

AT&T Invests Nearly $100 Million Over 3-Year Period to Boost Local Networks in Iowa  Yahoo Finance

DES MOINES, Iowa, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At AT&T1, we've invested nearly $100 million in our Iowa wireless and wired networks during 2016-2018.

Working together to bring broadband to rural Veterans  Microsoft

Microsoft Software & Systems Academy works with over 400 partners to help fill the technology gap with highly skilled Veterans. Our nation's Veterans have ...

Greenwood says no to Blandin Broadband grant  Tower Timberjay News

GREENWOOD TWP— Greenwood Township won't take part in the Blandin broadband grant following town board action here on June 11. The grant would have ...

Penn State finds digital divide wider than reported for broadband internet in rural Pa.  TribLIVE

The “digital divide” in rural parts of Pennsylvania may be growing instead of closing, according to a new study by Penn State University. The “Broadband ...

Mozambique's Telecoms, Mobile & Broadband Markets Through 2018-2022 -  Yahoo Finance

The "Mozambique - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses" report has been added to's offering.

Average internet speed up one year after net neutrality repeal  Washington Examiner

Nearly a year after the repeal of net neutrality took effect, the average internet speed in the United States for fixed broadband rose 28% and the country is now ...

Internet far slower in Georgia than reported  Atlanta Journal Constitution

An analysis found that internet speeds in Georgia were about one-fourth as fast as those reported by the Federal Communications Commission.

Rural Floyd Enjoys the Flash of High Speed Internet  WVTF

Floyd, Virginia has long been known for its arts scene, particularly live music. But residents, businesses, and visitors also know the rural mountain town.

American Airlines now offers satellite-based Wi-Fi access across its mainline fleet  TechCrunch

American Airlines, the world's largest airline by fleet size and passenger traffic, has finished rolling out satellite-based broadband Wi-Fi to its entire mainline ...

Pressure grows for free inflight broadband Internet at US majors  Runway Girl Network

When the CEO of SITAONAIR suggests that the combination of top quality inflight connectivity *service*, very low cost, and maximum adoption doesn't exist ...

The Ability to Pay for Broadband  Benton Foundation

Findings from digital inclusion studies that sought to gain a deeper understanding of the ability of low-income individuals to spend their money on wired ...

America's infrastructure is crumbling. Meet the people who are suffering because of it

"Our kindergartners can't sit on the floor because the boiler room is underneath it. The floor gets to be 95 degrees," one school superintendent says.

Loveland launches broadband push  The Denver Post

Loveland, Colorado's new broadband internet initiative will be called Pulse.

America's infrastructure is crumbling and these people are suffering because of it  Action News Now

CNN's Alexandra Field takes a deeper look at America's need to rebuild its old and decaying school infrastructure.

Sen. Peters Calls On FCC To Expand Rural Broadband Access  9&10 News

Whether you're trying to run a business, doing your shopping online or just trying to get by and stay connected in this digital age, the internet is increasingly ...

Elon Musk's Plan to Dominate Space-Based Broadband  International Business Times

For SpaceX, launching 60 internet satellites is just the beginning. One day SpaceX internet could blanket the globe.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket deals out a deck of 60 Starlink internet satellites  GeekWire

After two postponements, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket executed a mission that dealt out 60 Starlink broadband satellites into low Earth orbit. A little more than an ...

Japan Fixed Broadband Market Statistics and Analyses 2019-2023 -  Yahoo Finance

The "Japan - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses" report has been added to's offering.

USTelecom: Fixing Carrier Data Only Solves Part of the Broadband Mapping Problem; We Know How to Solve the Other Part  Telecompetitor

As the FCC gets set to address inadequacies with the way broadband availability data is collected from *service* providers, USTelecom is warning that those ...

Kandiyohi County takes fresh aim at broadband expansion  West Central Tribune

WILLMAR — Kandiyohi County is taking *fresh* aim at a long-sought goal of widening the availability of high-speed internet *service*, especially to neighborhoods ...

Sky introduces Broadband Buddy to help parents manage screen time  Tech Advisor

The new Sky Buddy App can help you manage your family members' internet use.

Homework gap: Ohio students among millions lacking home internet service  The Columbus Dispatch

With no computer or internet *service* at home, Raegan Byrd find homework assignments a nightly challenge: How much can she get done using just her ...

FCC Forms Agriculture Connectivity Task Force  MeriTalk

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai on June 17 announced formation of a new agency task force aimed at putting more broadband ...

Cutting the cord: The costs behind municipal broadband  Complete Colorado

DENVER — Cutting cable providers loose in favor of high-speed internet and streaming services is fast becoming a tempting proposition, and with many local ...

Editorial: Internet plan comes with huge risks  Gainesville Sun

Gainesville city commissioners should put the brakes on the idea of providing cheap internet *service* through GRU.

Multiple Pieces of Broadband Legislation Moving Forward in Congress, on Data, Funding, Rural Broadband and Digital Equity

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2019 – At least a half-dozen separate pieces of broadband legislation are working their way through Congress, and panelists ...

Illinois Congressional Delegation to FCC: Improve Rural Broadband Maps I

WASHINGTON Today, the entire Illinois Congressional Delegation sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai and the four.

Netflix puts a 'Patriot Act' episode about bad internet access on DVD  Engadget

The latest episode of Netflix variety talk show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj focuses on the digital divide. In it, Minhaj breaks down some of the many reasons...

Maine’s New Internet Privacy Law: What You Need to Know  JD Supra

Last week, Maine enacted an internet privacy law requiring broadband internet *service* providers (ISPs) to obtain a customer's express, affirmative consent ...

Trump’s fight with Huawei could threaten internet access in rural areas  Los Angeles Times

President Trump's move to bar U.S. telecommunications firms from acquiring or using equipment from foreign suppliers could harm rural broadband providers.

5 ways to fight wealth inequality, according to economists  USA TODAY

The rise of income inequality and the struggles of so many families to get ahead have shaken American politics across the spectrum. President Donald Trump ...

Broadband Access Drives Changes to Entertainment Model  NoCable News

As American consumers favor new forms of entertainment, it's shifting the broader media landscape. Cordcutting is the most common example of how television ...

The 'homework gap': At least 1/4 of Tennessee students lack home internet, even more in rural districts  Chattanooga Times Free Press

Two years ago, Polk County, Tennessee, was able to give all of its middle school students an iPad, complete with 5 gigabytes of data a month, to work on school ...

Municipal broadband success rate still questionable nearly five years after Longmont set the stage  Complete Colorado

LONGMONT — Nearly five years after Longmont launched NextLight, its own municipal broadband utility enterprise, the numbers continue to create questions ...

Affordable Broadband Internet for Everyone in Alaska  Nanalyze

Affordable broadband for everyone in Alaska is an aspiration right now because it doesn't exist. We talked to an Alaskan company that fixing the problem.

Gov. Wolf's broadband initiative alone could cost $1 billion  Reading Eagle

The governor's top aide on internet connectivity explains the importance of her part of the governor's $4.5 billion Restore Pennsylvania plan.

State looking at ways to improve internet | Local News  Cody Enterprise

Broadband internet in unincorporated Park County, as with the rest of rural Wyoming, can be spotty at best.

How Klobuchar, Stearns County and the Legislature want to improve internet access  St. Cloud Times

A 2018 Broadband *Service* Inventory map of Stearns County, from the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development. The pink indicates unserved areas, purple ...

Governor Carney, DTI Announce Rural Broadband Expansion Partnership

DOVER, Del. — The Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) Chief Information Officer James Collins, joined by Bloosurf, LLC Founder and ...

Internet ‘No Longer a Luxury,’ Sen. Klobuchar Says  Government Technology

The Democratic U.S. senator and presidential hopeful criticized the lingering urban-rural Internet divide, saying it creates inequity and limits economic growth ...

Broadband Satellite Services Market is expected to reach 3041.4 million USD by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2019 and 2024  Market Research Gazette

Satellite broadband is network connectivity provided through low-earth-orbit (LEO) or geostationary satellites, with the latter providing much faster data rates.

Lack of internet, computers challenges poor, rural students  Times Union

Gilboa. Students at the Gilboa-Conesville school district have plenty of computers. They have two labs, iPads, a fiber optic connection and they offer coding ...

This Remote Irish Island Is Hoping To Lure New Residents  TIME

Arranmore Island has been touting high-speed internet to attract new residents, whom locals suggest could work remotely with this resource.

Rep. Kilmer re-introduces Broadband for All Act  KXRO Newsradio

Washington, DC – Representative Derek Kilmer announced on Thursday that he, along with Elise Stefanik (NY-21), has reintroduced the Broadband for All Act.

Satellite-based internet possible by year-end, says SpaceX  Network World

Amazon, Tesla-associated SpaceX and OneWeb are emerging as just some of the potential suppliers of a new kind of data-friendly satellite internet *service* that ...

Havana Can Have 5G Before Miami  CircleID

Compared to Miami, Havana is an Internet desert, but Havana may have 5G wireless connectivity before Miami. 5G architecture, US politics and policy, and the ...

'We Do Not Have Coverage Here:' Texans Take On Federal Broadband Maps  HPPR

Stray too far from main arteries like Highway 59 and coverage for broadband internet and mobile phones becomes sparse in east Texas. If the total number of.

Ooredoo Kuwait launches 5G commercial broadband services  Telecompaper

Ooredoo Kuwait said it has commercially launched 5G *service*, offering customers faster mobile broadband internet. Prior to the 5G launch, Ooredoo hosted an ...

Alabama Voices: Will Alabama's internet bills raise electric bills?  Montgomery Advertiser

History shows that unregulated electric utilities — including those in Alabama — will subsidize broadband ventures if the financial models for the network prove ...

Best internet service in Texas? It might be in tiny Mont Belvieu  San Antonio Express-News

MONT BELVIEU - Ask Ismael Martinez what it took to get internet access at his home in years past, and you'll get an earful. There was the satellite-based *service* ...

Viasat, Visiontec Bring Satellite Internet to Brazil  Via Satellite

Viasat and Visiontec, a Brazilian-based satellite products distribution company, partnered to bring high-speed satellite internet to Brazil. Through this ...

RPT-UPDATE 2-Britain's Clydesdale bank commits to Virgin Money rebrand, more cost cutting  Reuters

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group has laid out plans to challenge Britain's big banks, betting that a re-brand as Virgin Money and growth in business ...

Jio GigaFiber may launch soon: Apart from cheap prices, what else Jio will offer  India Today

Reliance could launch Jio GigaFiber in India within the next few weeks. Apart from cheaper prices, GigaFiber has lots of services in store that could change the ...

Boothbay selectmen still exploring options for better internet  Boothbay Register

A consultant is advising municipal leaders that fiber presents the best long term option for current and future broadband internet needs. Boothbay selectmen ...

Business Spotlight: The Internet of Choices  Springfield Business Journal

In Gov. Mike Parson's first State of the State address in 2019, he pinpointed the lack of broadband internet access in rural Missouri. Some small businesses have ...

Delaware moves forward with rural broadband expansion  Delaware First Media

The state of Delaware is partnering with the Delmarva internet company Bloosurf to add broadband internet to most of the state's remote, underserved areas.

New Research Underlines the Ongoing Mobile Usage Shift, Highlights Audience-Specific Considerations  Social Media Today

We all know that you need a mobile-friendly website, that mobile is where attention is increasingly focused, and that you need to be factoring mobile ...

Internet Matters' online guides offer parents advice on talking to children about relationships, sex and pornography

With age-verification for commercial adult websites beginning in 2019, e-safety organisation Internet Matters has launched a free advice portal to help parents ...

FCC’s chairman takes step to improve rural broadband mapping  MarketWatch

The FCC's maps have been blasted for overstating how many places in the country have access to high-speed internet.

VINGN Eyes Extending Broadband Range to Underserved Areas  St. John Source

Effective partnerships with local internet *service* providers are critical to making broadband internet available throughout the territory, especially to the.

Reliance Jio launches GigaFiber Broadband Internet for just 2500...  Bitcoin News

Reliance Jio has launched a new version of its Jio GigaFiber broadband *service* into the market. This *service* has been made available in a Security Deposit of ...

Mountain West Telephone wants to bring faster internet to Evansville  Casper Star-Tribune Online

A local internet provider wants to increase internet speeds in Evansville and is seeking town officials' approval to do so.

FCC: Broadband Access Is Increasing, But More Is Needed in Rural Areas  St. John Source

Across the nation, access to high-speed internet is increasing, but a recent FCC report says more work has to be done, particularly in rural and hard to reach.

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