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Generally speaking, wireless central processing unit contacts are reliable. However, nonentity is perfect, and every so often you may lose your bond or be subjected to a weak signal. There are many factors that blow the reliability of your wireless connection.

For example, if your wireless adapter is too close to a 2. 4 GHz wireless telephone, you may announcement a cut in your computer's wireless lone strength. Why? For the reason that the phone and the laptop reside on the same frequency and can interfere with each other's performance.

Handy Darn Checklist for Wireless Interruptions

1. First check to see if your cable or DSL is in reality working. Customarily located in your basement, most modems have four lights. You have a live Internet association if the "data" or "status" light is on. If it's off, or flashing, your cable is out.

2. If your cable/DSL is working, then reboot your computer. Sometimes, if your cable/DSL goes out for even 10 seconds, your central processing unit and the wireless router may no longer be able to talk to each other. By rebooting your computer, a new IP deal with is assigned, allowing them to once again communicate.

3. If your desktop is wireless and you've moved the wireless adapter [the box that sits next to the laptop with antennas], then you may need to move the adapter until you find a stronger signal.

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