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There are a come to of options obtainable for Affair Class Satellite Internet connectivity in the U. S. today. New offerings seem to launch every week in 2005 and it is befitting a bit baffling for the commerce owner who can't attain customary high speed internet or can't allow the cost of administration a T1 line to a position off the beaten path. I've outlined below quite a few options for affair with the affirmative aspects as well as destructive where applicable. Each band and heavy being user has another needs, so no one platform is a "one size fits all". I will outline them and you decide:

1. iDirect Platform:

This is a proven Project platform which provides a wide range of reliable speeds for most any business, command or heavy use individual. Download speeds from 64 kbps to over 2000 kbps and Upload speeds from 64 kbps to over 1000 kbps are available. The platform wires "shared bandwidth" or certain "QOS" bandwidth at much advanced pricing. In the U. S. a 1. 2 meter dish is standard. Equipment Cost: Apparatus - A 2 watt classification will cost about $2,700 installed. A 4 watt arrangement is about $4,300 installed. Monthly Service: A least course is about $250. A classic setup of 1000/256 kbps is $499 per month for a joint bandwidth-no FAP setup. For about $350 per month you can get 2000/500 kbps advantage with a 3 GB throughput allowance per month. There is a cost of $. 09 per MB thereafter. The "shared bandwidth" box up is far more predictable with the iDirect platform than with DirecWay or Starband setup's. You can be expecting to see the advertised speeds 85 % of the time or better.

2. Surfbeam Platform:

This effect is in the deal with of being introduced in America. Surfbeam uses the same platform all in all that a cable or DSL donor would use, aside from it is satellite internet. It is much less classy than "Enterprise" grade systems. There is only one giver ready to launch this platform in the U. S. and they must begin shipping tackle by April 1, 2005. In most cases a 1. 2 meter dish will be utilized with a 2-3 watt transmitter. Download speeds of 1500 kbps and uploads in extra of 500 kbps are the advertised speeds; however, this hasn't been verified in the field as of this commentary date. Equipment Cost: Ranging from $1,295 - $1,995 counting installation. Monthly Service: Ranging from $95 - $400.

3. Starband 484 Platform U. S. :

This is the "beefed up" adaptation of Starband advantage considered to be a focus for small businesses and heavy being users. This is DVB (digital video broadcast) expertise which is converted to IP - the conversion administer is the problem. It adds to by and large latency and even with privileged upload speeds than their consumer goods (they broadcast "up to" 256 kbps in Turbo Max mode- doubtful what that especially is), they don't assistance VNP transfer or VOIP connections. Download speeds are programmed as up to 20 times nearer than dialup?whatever that means. Dish size is 24"x36" and transmitter depth not given. Equipment Cost: $900 + shipping + installation (price not given) Monthly Service: $160

4. DirecWay Big business Plus Assistance (U. S. only):

This is the DirecWay "beefed up" description of service. The only eloquent discrepancy connecting this platform and the Starband setup above is DirecWay has more encounter "massaging" the DVB conversion to IP and probably more difficult increase in speed techniques. They will aid some types of VPN and VOIP, but it requires classy paraphernalia ($2,000+) to be located at the satellite scene and at Center of operations for a VPN circuit- often to the mortification of the IT branch at HQ. Hopeless upload speeds for heavy VPN "chatty" programs still plague this platform. You can anticipate download speeds ranging from 800 kbps to 1500 kbps or more. Upload speeds range from 29 kbps to 90 kbps. This coordination uses a . 98 meter dish and 1 watt transmitter. Equipment Cost: $900 + $375 installation (shipping included) Monthly Service: $129+

5. Ka Band Satellite Internet:

When this expertise becomes existing the summer of 2005, it could plainly shake the foundation of the satellite internet world - or not! It is a know-how that has been many years and over 1. 5 Billion dollars in the making. There will be 30 spot beams aimed at the U. S. and 5 used by uplink centers with the first satellite (Telesat's Anik F2) which will be operated by Wildblue Communications, a Denver, Co. based company. It is being under attack to small affair operators and patrons in rural areas because of a association of rural emotional operators (NRTC) firstly and all the way through two inhabitant distributors as the year progresses. If it works as advertised it will authorize telecommuters to fruitfully VPN into home bureau much like they would with a cable or DSL link - but at a bit slower speeds (due to about 500ms of latency). Still, it has a lot of agreement for the small businessman. They will not offer an Activity blend for some time- if ever. With a satellite dish about the size of a trashcan lid (. 67 meters) and a two watt transmitter, users will be able to download at speeds up to 1500 kbps and upload at speeds ranging from 128 kbps to 256 kbps. Equipment Cost: $300-$500 Installation: $ ?? Monthly Service: Three plans with changeable download speeds

$49 - 500 kbps download speeds

$69 - 1000 kbps

$79 - 1500 kbps It is blurred whether the upload speeds shown above will apply to all advantage levels.

At this time, I am recommending that small and average businesses needing connectivity right away, go with the more proven iDirect platform. You can learn more about it and other offerings at www. vsatus. com or email sales@vsatus. com .

About the Author:

Randy Scott is the come to grief of VSAT U. S. , a Colorado based sales and consulting firm which provides VSAT satellite internet platforms to affair and heavy creature users all through the America's and most of the world. Randy has over 10 years encounter in the high equipment field, both in bi-directional satellite internet and built-up cpu hardware as a affair owner and Sr. Sales Engineer. You can reach Randy by email: sales@vsatus. com or toll free@ 1-866-978-4613.


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