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Millions of hard-to-find books from five major libraries will soon be a lot easier to access: Google has made plans to scan and digitize them, construction the books free on their commonly used Internet exploration engine.

Google's hottest attempt is a large step clear of before attempts to scan books so they can be read online (Google, Amazon. com and other less important sites have accessible glimpses of books and libraries online before). What makes this initiative so atypical is the sheer extent of data that Google plans to cover.

Five libraries will be complex in the development in a number of stages:

* New York communal library: Allowing Google a small portion of books no longer roofed by copyright.

* Harvard Academy library: Is contributing a incomplete 40,000 volumes to guage how well the course works.

* Stanford Academia library: Will accept its full assembly to Google's scanners.

* Michigan Academic world library: Will also accept its intact collection.

* Oxford Academic world library: Contributing all its books available beforehand 1901

To get an idea of just how large a endeavor Google is attractive on, be concerned about that Michigan's documentation alone contains 7 million volumes, which is about 132 miles of books, while Harvard's documents contains 15 million. The Michigan job is estimated to take six years.

Although some in the field worry that this trend could hint the end of libraries, others are excited at the hope of putting constructive in a row that was once narrow in its use at the fingertips of all Internet users. The development will also construct a digital album for cloth that was fashioned ahead of computers, by this means preserving it in a way that could not have been done in the past.

Google users will only be able to view bibliographies and other brief excerpts from the copyrighted books scanned from the libraries, while works no longer roofed by copyrights will be entirely existing to the online public.

USA Today December 14, 2004

New York Times December 14, 2004

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, have long vowed to make all of the world's in order affable to anybody with a Web browser. Now that vow will come earlier to being implemented as Google has made an bargain with some of the nation's chief delve into libraries and Oxford Academe to begin converting their property into digital files that would be generously searchable over the Web.

Harvard, the Academic world of Michigan, Stanford and the New York Communal Documents are some of the U. S. institutions that will be involved. The whole cast will adapt about 15 million books at a cost of $150 million, or about $10 per book.

Plus, the Documents of Assembly and a group of worldwide libraries from the United States, Canada, Egypt, China and the Netherlands announced a plan to build a openly free digital archive of 1 million books on the Internet. The group said it considered to have 70,000 volumes online by next April.

Doesn't that just want to make you get out of your chair and shout! I don't know about you, but I am excited.

As long as I am excited about Google I want to let you know that Google has been my home page for over seven years. Why would a person want to have whatever thing different?

Well, last week I misrepresented my home page. Don't get worried, it is still Google but it is their new Google Suggest. It suggests queries as you type what you are looking for into the examination box. By present more refined searches up front, Google Advocate can make your penetrating more expedient and efficient, since it eliminates the need to type the intact text of a query.

In addition, the benefit can bond you with new query suggestions that are useful, absorbing and fun. Go ahead, try it, you might even make it your new home page. My guess is that in a few years this might be the main Google exploration engine.

While I am on the topic of Google, I have to tell you about the new adaptation of Firefox 1. 0. If you haven't switched to Firefox you basically must read my critique on why you must do so immediately. Firefox isn't just for alpha geeks anymore. As of last week over 10 MILLION associates have downloaded Firefox and installed it as their browser.

Many of you are previously one of those 10 million, but the adulthood of you almost certainly don't know that Firefox comes preinstalled with examination engines other than Google in its toolbar.

I just found out the newest edition has a neat appear where you can click the small triangle next to the foot of the evade "G" on the left of the Google exploration box and you will be able to use other examination engines. There are three in there that I use all the time: eBay, Amazon and Dictionary. com. But I in recent times was able to go to a Firefox add-in page and with one click append my desired contraption blog Engadget so now it is one of the options.

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