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Often too many colonize get bewildered with all the definitions, here we have explained in easy to absorb terms.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - asymmetric gist it's closer downstream than upstream.

Advanced Armed forces Admittance Administrator -Whether you have a DSLAM or ASAM in your altercation doesn't exceedingly matter. They do the same thing. See DSLAM's as well.

Asynchronous Assigning Mode - a approach of encapsulation which is accomplished of many virtual circuits. With these, providers (ISP's) can split an ATM link (155Mbit or 622Mbit) up into many connections. ATM isn't just used for DSL but in the case of DSL it's used to provision each customer.

Contention Ratios:
A contention ratio is the add up to of users to xMbit of bandwidth. For illustration some providers offer 2Mbit DSL, with a ratio of 50:1, connotation 50 users to 1Mbit of bandwidth.

Customer Premises Equipment, the term that describes the paraphernalia used on the consumer end of a connection, for case in point your DSL modem/router or cable modem.

Digital Subscriber Line.

Digital Subscriber Line Approach Multiplexer - They are located in DSL enabled Telecomm exchanges, when your modem syncs up and the DSL light comes on, it means you are connected. When data travels down your connection, it goes from the CPE -> DSLAM -> RAN -> ISP

Edge Routing Exchange. See RAN.

Telecommunications backhaul networks for hauling interchange from the buyer to the ISP, i. e. hauling interchange from RAN's to ISP's.

Ping or Latency:
A ping events the time in milliseconds that it takes for a envelope to pass through from your mainframe to a cool cpu and back to you again. Just for the reason that you can't ping a given host, quite a lot of providers are creation to filter ICMP (pings come under this protocol) travel since it is generally used to assail hosts and wastes a lot of bandwidth. Many providers also give low priority to ping (ICMP) travel which may mean your ping at a appreciation line isn't very good, but in say a game, equipment may be fine.

Regional Approach Node These aggregates many DSLAM's associations and then feed the data to an ISP

Round Trip Time - the time it takes in milliseconds for a box to go from A to B and back again. See ping.

Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line - equal consequence the same speed up and down.


There is a major differentiation amid UPPER and lowercase

MB = MegaBytes
Mb = Megabits
kB = KiloBytes
kb = Kilobits

MB/s = MegaBytes per second
Mb/s = Megabits per second
kB/s = KiloBytes per second
kb/s = Kilobits per second

There is 8bits to a Byte, 8kb = 1kB

1Meg associations only assigning at 128kB/sec or an 8Mb bond only transfers at 1024kB/sec or 1MB/s

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