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We were the first beta testers of a Cell phone Be in charge Axis with full Internet Admittance in 1999. Our cell charge base was also the first unit with WiFi and Internet Itinerant Access.

The next cohort of this classification of Broadband Satellites was introduced in 2004. And the next wave of knowledge about exists for the 10 times that speed. Looks like Moore's Law may just apply to Satellites, nevertheless with the ex- custom tries by Motorola and the incompetence with the FCC we saw before we may find that there are hefty complication to over come still.

The largest gripe back then was the Iridium pricing of $134. 50 per month and the incredible cost of $1. 34 per minute. Of choice GlobalStar proves that they are worse at 150 per month and 1. 39 per detailed and Worldwide calls at $1. 79. The cool thing about Inmarsat is that it is 20 years old and still has the 9. 6 kbps data speed and from time to time you can get the 64 kbps. Inmarsat A is antediluvian and 18,000 ships have the sea Comprehensive distress approach aboard. GMDSS. If you look at most all advertisement ships you will see the antennas on top that can run fax machines, Telephones and a mixture of data interfaces. Earlier they ran below deck Telex systems. This arrangement as you would guess is decently analog which has much return in climate setting at sea. Inmarsat B is a whole assorted story with it's digital technology, you can certainly get 64 KBPS all day long for diffusion audio streams, video (a a small amount jumpy), and voice and fax transmissions.

The pricing of data transmission due to speeds can save users up to 40% basically since it takes less time per close to down and upload data. Of classes the hardware runs about $ 10K, but for what it is that is not bad making an allowance for the fundamental costs of data transmissions. Now here is the new deal Inmarsat C, two way data communications, terminals are portable and small, brief case style. Costs for terminals are only $4K approx. and all in the TV affair has one or more. Inmarsat also has a coordination for voice, which needs only a hardly mast of 9. 3 or more inches and comes in a small dome. These were freshly featured in Common Workings in Nov 01. Trac Phone antennas for boats, RVs etc are dear at $6,500 but work well. This is also known as the SatCom arrangement mobile. It is a case notebook coordination and is only 5 lbs. Costs only $3,000. Citizens call it their brief case phone. It uses a SIM card for many users a classification if you will bear in mind never took off in the US like the smart card phones in Europe. Commit to memory the PCS Phones had that hardly slide in cards, but they were too exclusive for mass construction in cellular technology. Inmarsat F77 is a different innovation of 2001. ISDN and itinerant envelope data assistance capabilities. Delivering Fax, phone, voice and data. 64kbs, Certainly and lacking a problem. About agitate free, this is near fully operational. We are just about there. This knowledge takes improvement of the B-GAN armed forces that will be provided by the Inmarsat 4 being launched in 2004.

This will be cool. US Based ComSat Mobile, a allotment of Lockheed Martin Comprehensive Telecommunications has announced it's cooperation with Fleet F77 in the first half of 2002. Ah ha, now we are in receipt of anywhere ? Says the citizens at Stratos, who are arrogant Canadians. Why is this so cool? It means that users can send and collect data but only be electric for the data sent and received. Serf the web in broadband from everyplace or even a cold log cabin on vacation, emails and web browsing for about $89. 95 per month all in real time with about 2-3 be with delays for detachment or in an added approach the one we have now it will be a half back up delay with even senior speeds (I will talk additional about this in a minute). Internet based systems like this means we can track every ship, truck, terrorist educate bus in the fatherland real time, just like they now track all the aircraft as we saw on TV for the duration of the 9-11 act. We watched charts of the US with every lone aircraft flying.

Imagine the coordination capabilities for efficiency, safety, storm and coarsen watching, and shelter of our people. I am certainly fondness this a lot and each one in America will be safe and the Head can have his missile excuse agenda for the reason that we will be able to track the whole thing that moves which is not masked and right now that is the lot that we know about. We can even track secrecy bombers by frequency disruption patterns from cell phones. We win. Guess what these systems have a built in wellbeing change so central transmissions get there first for case in point a ship in high seas in trouble, DEA transmitting while profiling a smuggler, or mayday distress calls. So if you are surfing or on line conveyance emails it will be delayed until the shelter priorities are taken care of and at those speeds and information of users and the approaching Craig McCaw's Law I predict to change Moore's Law for satellites that will not be more than a nano back by 2005. In other words you will believe a solar flare or even a bark cloud. Beforehand we go much additional let me show you the do research spaces to go to;

http://www. inmarsat. com

http://www. globalstar. com

http://www. iridium. com

http://www. orbcomm. com

http://www. msat. tmi. ca

http://www. motosat. com

http://www. kvh. com

http://www. optistreams. com

Orbicomm is a different data find with no voice amount and handles two-pager and alphanumeric operations using a small exchange ideas of LEO Satellites. A further web site we found of appeal to you if you are using any of these technologies is;

http://www. msua. org

End Part II

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