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Are you rapidly chat-less now that Yahoo has shut down many chat sites, due to complaints? One grievance was that citizens where using chat rooms to lure under age kids for sex. While others say the chat rooms were used to promote immature sex. A Houston Attorney, in point of fact filed a 10 million cash complaint to put an end to that problem. Yahoo reacted on the news by conclusion down thousands of chat sites and advertisers on those websites pulled the plug on their ads as well. Do not despair, today you might be chat-less but soon you will find a new home to talk to associates on the Internet. Yahoo established they took the sites off the air but insists it was in the high hundreds and not thousands.

Many users are angry that the sites were taken down, while many parents celebrate Yahoo's fast performing civic relations move to cut off those sites immediately. Some of the advertisers who pulled out are PepsiCo, State Farm and others. I don't know Paris Hilton can do broadcast their now for Carl's Jr. ? Yahoo does not constantly check the comfort in the chat rooms, but will close a room if it receives too many complaints.

Some sources tell us that other such chat rooms now have real idiom filters which set points and once those have been exceeded warnings go up and if this continues then the sites are shut down. Contemporary Knowledge and text appreciation software for these belongings is well known in high-tech circles and forces intelligence. One circle began promoting its software today to alleviate the problem, they focus in email scanning and resume false brainpower comprehension and key word scanning. Chat rooms have constantly been a great way to meet online, yet also painstaking difficult for monitoring. Think on this if you find yourself; "Chat-less"

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