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In 1984 I was aligned with a Cable TV trick and founding vicar by the name of Ray Osborne. He was effective with colonize increasing oscillating noise loop broadband technologies. These technologies were finally bought by the Pentagon to use in untappable assured letter or in rank transmissions. I assume this know-how now uses the Quantum teleporting and earlier than light methods put out for bond in late 2001 by Mr. Everett of the Durham Army Depot. Ray had at an earlier time worked with the Canadian Administrative area of Data lines on a brainwave enhancing appliance alike to a helmet and equipment I had read about that the Russians alleged would in the future allow the mind to move mountains (even literally) according to Extrasensory Discoveries At the back the Iron Curtain.

Ray told me about an conduct test they did with him and a different being draining a helmet with energy inputs and electrodes close to this helmet he wore. As the experimentation was about to start, Ray had a need to have a cigarette and as he reached to get one and light it up, the brain wave energy aimed at ESP (or brainwavelength ability) was sent to the character crosswise the square who was session in the casement so they could see each other. That anyone was sent into a coma and his hair curved white - thus ended the conduct experiment on that day. Ray was not part of continuous experiments and I assume they careful stopping it for a while but I cannot deem they did not carry on these researches. The armed loves to have these clothes and they would downsize that they must have the capability to contradict any enemy who might have them too.

The Russians were the ones who nominated the abstraction of non-lethal weapons from the do research of all signators to SALT. The Americans freshly detached themselves from SALT on a uni-lateral basis. I deem SDI and HAARP are coupled to these clothes and I fear other mind-control apparatus such as Dr. Persinger of Laurentian Academy is running on with the Earth Energy Grid will be involved. This will ensue whether he and his boss Jack Verona of the Cover Brainpower Action in the US know it or not. Los Alamos is effective on a auxiliary culture of superconductive helmetry and brain enhancements under the acronym SQUID as we see in this redeployment from my neuroscience forum. I do not have the first basis of the redistribution but will be a consequence it with a new redistribution linkage to the Academy of Toronto examination and allied matters.

"Magnetic measurements of brain action could be free from noise in the expectations gratitude to a new helmet-like apparatus urbanized by medicinal physicists at the Los Alamos Citizen Laboratory in the US. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is the only performance that can completely calculate neuronal doings in the brain, but it is plagued by backdrop noise that interferes with signals from the brain itself. The new helmet could give much more precise in order on brain act (P Volegov et al. 2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 2117).

MEG is a non-invasive modus operandi that provides exhaustive in a row on the brain in approximately real time by using superconducting quantum interference appliance (SQUID) sensors to appraise the charismatic fields generated by currents flowing in and about neurons. However, these charismatic field signals are exceptionally weak -- typically among about 10-14 and 10-13 Tesla -- and are consequently certainly overwhelmed by circumstances alluring noise. Though a number of techniques exist to cut this noise, none are completely satisfactory for the reason that they can also condense the size of the signals created by the brain itself.

The helmet intended by the Los Alamos team is made from a layer of superconducting lead and is sited about the SQUID sensors (see figure). The helmet needs to kept at temperatures below 8 kelvin -- in a liquid helium cryostat -- for the lead to be superconducting. The contraption works on the code that Meissner currents flow on the apparent of the superconductors in the helmet. These currents expel alluring flux, for that reason preventing any exterior charismatic fields from infiltrating the helmet. Moreover, dissimilar earlier methods, the helmet can be sited close to the head not including moving signals formed by the brain.

The scientists have by now weathered their helmet on real patients and say that circumstances noise signals can be cheap by more than six guidelines of magnitude, assembly it the most effectual classification to date. However, the apparatus still needs to be better for the reason that noise levels are still moderately high about the brim. " "Vortex dynamics in superconducting systems imaged by Scanning SQUID Microscopy Abstract

Using a Scanning SQUID Microscope (SSM), we have calculated whirlpool distributions in a choice of superconducting systems. The admirable flux sensitivity of the SSM allows us to resolve characteristic vortices for low flux density. Field cooling produces quenched whirlpool patterns which can be chaotic in strong-pinning Nb films or well prepared into a pattern in a-MoGe films with weak pinning. Ascend steps alter the field-cooled patterns, with vortices produced in dense rows along the low side of steps with few vortices near the high side. We conform to an unevenness in the dynamics of vortices about the apparent steps under the appliance of a dynamic force. The current line tension impedes current beckon from thin parts of the superconductor to thick regions, while not moving the conflicting gesticulate down the steps. We have also investigated the actions of vortices in thin superconducting strips in a upright captivating field, a complicated challenge due to the large demagnetizing effects. These geometrical barriers are normally encountered in convey measurements on high-Tc superconductors. Strips with slanting appear steps as well as strips with a dress cross divide up have been imaged. We are attempting to correlate the experiential current distributions with carry measurements of the current dynamics in the strips. "

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