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There are two considered rudiments that agree on your internet correlation speed. They are: The download rate, and the upload rate of data considered in bits per seconds. Usually, it is articulated in Kilobits per second.

A bit is the negligible piece of data that can be stored in a computer. The bit can be also "0" or "1". The byte is eight bits. Exemplar of a byte and bits are the following:

bit= 0 or 1

byte=8 bits

1 byte=10011101 (eight bits)

A lone charcter needs one byte or eight bits to be stored in a computer. So, when the data rate is 1 byte/sec, that means one charm per back up is the rate at which data is transferred by means of your connection.

This is very slow, and only deliberate for an example. In order to browse the internet, you must have at least a dial up admission with a 56kb/s modem, in order to get a consequential and concrete result.

There are another types of internet connection. First they introduced the dialup bond using your phone line, then the broadband was introduced.

The broadband internet contacts are DSL, Cable, or Satellite internet services. They are extensively used and going up due to the high bandwith.

When you get an internet service, your contributor states that your speed will be a a variety of numbers. They commonly give you a good idea, but not an exact one. The communal asked questions among internet users is:

How do I know what is my bond speed, and if I am receiving what I was promised?.

If there anyhow I can test my connection, and do I need to buy exclusive software to test it?.

The come back with is simple. There are two ways to test your internet link speed:

1- The guidebook austere adding up test that you can do manually lacking any software or third party services.

2- You can find a assistance that lets you run a test because of their servers, and get your figures displayed at their webpage.

1-The blue-collar method:

Since I mentioned that the bond speed consist of two numbers, the download and upload speed. So, what you do is download from the internet any free software, and watch the consequence box with the conclusion that show the size of the file and how many seconds it tool to download.

When you are done cassette the download speed, upload a file of a certain size (1 Mb, 2 Mb), and time your watch when you start. When the file is uploaded, check your watch and background the time it took for the task. Then allocate your file size by the seconds it took.

If you file was 2 Mb. that took 5 action to upload, then your upload speed is 2 Mb. /300 sec. or 6. 826 Kbits/sec. You can run the above test combine times, and then take the be an average of for a change for the better result.

2-The automated test at a third party service:

This is my favorite one, where you get to a website where the test is done for you. It is done using a lettering installed on their server, and charter you download and upload to their ma?tre d' a test file (invisible to you). Then, the answer is displayed on their webpage. You just have to catalog for free using your email. It is free. This is a website deal with where they offer you a free internet link test:

http://www. visualware. com.

In summary, don't calm down for facts given to you by your services, do the tests every time you can. You enjoy it, and feel that you are in receipt of your money worth. This is for the reason that some servcies charges you 35 dollars or more for a high speed internet service.

George Chamoun

I have bent an Ebook about troubleshooting procedures for DSL, or Cable bond problems. You can get it for free by right clicking the link and cutback to your computer:

http://www. ebookfreestore. com/software/ComputerEbook. pdf


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