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Securing your Windows Xp cpu is done by achieving two main tasks.

The first, is to avert not permitted users session at your central processing unit and taking down in by means of your keyboard.

The second, is to check admittance to your mainframe by means of your internet connection. Preventing illegal users is done by calculating your user balance sheet management.

This is done by creating one bank account beside the commissioner account. This way, you end up with one governor checking account for administration the whole system, and a further user account for using all the time you are not administration your system.

Once you ensconce Windows Xp in use systems, you coin a user bill beside the administrator account. This new bill user ID and password is only known to you, the administrator. By doing this, you disapprove a person from using your laptop by meeting at your keyboard.

The be with task is to foil illicit internet approach from the external world. Your computer internet bond is the main basis of all kinds of attacks that will damage different programs installed on your computer.

Attacks from the Internet can be of altered forms. Their property can vary from slowing down you appliance to producing aggravating messages. Today with the high speed Internet access, you get bombarded with harms much more when you were using dial-up connection.

There is a variety of events you can take to stop the Internet attacks all through your high speed connection. I advocate you do four things:

a-Install an Adware / Spyware deduction curriculum on your computer.

b-Install an Antivirus program.

c-Install a Pop-Up blocker program.

d-Install a Firewall, software or hardware.

In Summary, there are many records of ways your mainframe can be attacked, and result in costs of many sorts. However, There are only few ways of protecting your computer, which makes it easy for every laptop owner to assure their computer.

George Chamoun

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