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You may have noticed the increase of consciousness that has taken place since the Choral Concordance. This is due to the new Broadband correlation that has been bent to the Universe's Focal Sun. This broadband link of consciousness is on the level of the crystalline build up of your very being. It is using the full electromagnetic spectrum, which we for the most part experience, because of the twelve-chakra centres and in the DNA.

You're ambiance and emotions make this link to these cunning energies, which can be found in your heart. When you go above the bodily body's structure: By that I mean be subjected to the consciousness of your whole body, the organs, cells, molecules, atoms and at last drop out into the field of pure consciousness, where you exceed time and space and be subjected to life in its pure form.

When one is stranded by visualising energy roots going down into the planet. It is likely to take you awareness down these roots and get bigger your awareness or aura out to feel the whole earth as part of yourself. You can do this also to take in the solar system, the milky way or the whole universe, when your awareness is extended in this way, the lot feels apart of your self. Also you do not have to journey anyplace you just move your awareness around. Like surrounded by your own human body you just move your awareness from your head to your foot, when extended you can move your awareness to any part of the universe in an immediate just by having the intent to do this.

What are the compensation of the new awareness?

Synchronies in life seem to increase
Problem free living

I hope this is not sounding too controlled as I am putting into words, a process, which is more on the level of feelings.

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Government Technology

Indiana Counties Gain Expanded Access to Broadband Internet
Government Technology
(TNS) — Around 1,200 buildings in Indiana's Howard and Tipton counties now have the chance to access lightning-fast broadband Internet after an Indiana service provider installed 50 miles of fiber line in the area. Indiana Fiber Network (IFN) recently ...

The New Food Economy

The FCC says all of Iowa has access to broadband internet. Speed tests tell a different story.
The New Food Economy
When FCC says 24 million Americans lack access to broadband internet, that includes internet users on these two kinds of connections. “If you're gonna base public funding decisions on data, you either have to account for errors, or give people a chance ...


Microsoft partners with RADWIN to deliver broadband internet to rural communities
For the past few years, Microsoft has been aiming to deliver broadband services to people living in rural areas in the U.S. Over 23 million such U.S. citizens are deprived of high-speed internet, along with millions more all over the world. The tech ...
Microsoft and RADWIN Partner to Help Bridge Digital DivideeLearningInside News

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CAEC to host broadband internet survey
Clanton Advertiser
By SARAH GRAHAM/ For the Advertiser. Central Alabama Electric Cooperative is hosting a broadband internet survey through the end of the year. Questions such as, “Do you currently have internet service and are you satisfied,” and “How did you hear about ...

Agri News

Farmers need rural broadband internet
Agri News
INDIANAPOLIS — Internet access in rural areas was a main topic at the Indiana Farm Bureau Agriculture Policy Outlook. “Maybe 15 years ago, internet was a luxury,” said Scott Bowers, vice president of Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “Now, it's a ...
Electric co-ops consider providing broadband internet in MississippiWCBI

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Report: San Francisco broadband internet project not moving forward
There are new developments about a plan to create a city-wide broadband internet service for all San Francisco residents and businesses. The project will not be moving forward. The Examiner reports outgoing Mayor Mark Farrell will not place a tax ...

Broadband internet planned for county
Henry County Local
Henry County will be among the first counties to receive fiber optic cable from KentuckyWired, a public-private partnership that seeks to deliver broadband internet to all 120 counties. Jim Askins, a representative with contractor NG-KIH Design Build ...


Fiber-optic broadband internet comes to Dorchester County
HOOPERS ISLAND — Dorchester County took a giant step forward in technology with the addition of fiber-optic broadband internet from Cambridge to Hoopers Island. On June 21, members of the Dorchester business community, along with state and local ...

Government Technology

Maine Broadband Authority to Seek Its Cut of USDA Funds
Government Technology
(TNS) — The ConnectME Authority and the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development are planning to apply for a share of $600 million of available federal funding to improve rural broadband Internet access. ConnectME and the U.S. ...


Matt Desch: Iridium to Continue Transformation Built on Satcom, Broadband Internet Capabilities
TYSONS CORNER, VA, June 18, 2018 — Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications (Nasdaq: IRDM), has said the company anticipates its continued transformation into a mature company over the next 12 to 24 months as it nears the completion of its ...

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