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So you're sick and tired of AOL Instantaneous Messenger. You're looking for a little fresh and new that will just work. Well Google feels the same way. On Wednesday Eminent 24th they on the loose their description of AIM, Google Talk.

Although Google Talk and AIM do essentially the same thing, Google Talk is very different. For starters anybody can join AIM, in order to use Google Talk you need to have a Gmail account. AIM will also let you make a profile, Google Talk you can't. Nevertheless there are more skin on Google Talk that are left out in AIM.

Google Talk's main appear is being able to call acquaintances that are on your list. Call means being able to talk all through a microphone to them and they answer back all the way through theirs, much like the benefit Skype. There is a comparable aspect in the contemporary account of AIM; nevertheless it's not as easy to use.

Let's say you're conversation to a big cheese in the banter window. You conclude that this discussion would work a lot advance over the phone. Well don't get up and dial a number, cleanly plug in the microphone and headset and guess what you're connected, just like a phone. All you have to do is press the "Call" close in the window, you'll hear a dial tone, and when the other user accepts you're connected.

At the top of the window, when call is activated, you'll see a amount meter for your acquaintance and one for you. All it takes is a click of a button, how easy is that?

The other easy thing about Google Talk is the simplicity at the back creation a adapted message. When you're online you'll have a small fragment under your name. You can make specially that to doesn't matter what you want, that could be careful to some extent of a profile. You can also see peoples' away e-mail right under their name. Construction an away communication is just as down-to-earth as altering the text under your name. Just go to the drop down list under your name in the chance (not the contacts list) and go to the "Custom Message" with the red clique next to it.

Google has also added a appear to make it easier to sign up for the service. When you choose to add a acquaintance you can append an email concentrate on that isn't a Gmail one. All it does is email the character let them know about the advantage and contribution a download link. This makes it especially easy to assure your associates to make the switch.

Another aspect that is deeply dear in Google Talk is the way it works completely with Gmail. You can add colonize on your contacts to the advantage surrounded by the Google Talk interface, plus it will advise you when a new email has been received. You can also go candidly to your Gmail inbox via a link from the interface.

This next aspect won't mean much to the be in the region of user, but to some misfortunate geeks with low RAM it may. Google Talk consumes about 3MB of RAM. AOL Direct Envoy takes about 9MB. If you have a lot of other programs open and you can't find the money for to waste RAM Google Talk will work great.

Google Talk is also much cleaner looking than AIM. There are no ads and no added crap like a stock ticker or news ticker. But the one thing that I'd like to see in Google Talk is notifications that tell you when a big shot logs on or off. This article has been accessible in AIM for about 2 years.

There some other clothes that could be enhanced. In the settings menu I'd like to see a location to make to order how often it checks the Gmail mailbox, make specially sounds, and more customization for notifications.

Staying on the topic of customization I'd like to see, in later versions, the decision to add categories in your acquaintances list. Amazing so you could put all your breed under one list, contacts under the others and so on.

Overall I wouldn't rush out and download Google Talk quite yet. Right now I'd think that it would be more fitting to corporations so that employees can cooperate with each other. It won't take down AIM, as AIM is just too popular, but it might steal some Yahoo! Envoy or MSN users.

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