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Are you a dial-up user looking for a nearer connection, but don't like Broadband prices? If so, you ought to take a look at a new benefit called OnSpeed, which has acknowledged rave reviews in Internet know-how publications.

What OnSpeed does is to re-route web pages and email via its own servers, compressing the data on the fly prior to transfer it onwards to your PC. A small code then decompresses the data, so that you can view it in the common way via your browser or email client.

In my own dial-up tests, with a modem in a row at a nominal 49kb/s I appeared to get speeds close to that of my normal broadband link of 598 kb/s - very impressive. Image characteristic is often abridged but the compression for this can be improved, despite the fact that with an adverse appearance on the speed of course.

Some file types like MP3 also cannot yet be compressed. The company is operational on these issues nevertheless and expects to find solutions soon.

Unfortunately I was powerless to use email in my tests, due to a 'port' conflict with a spam filter that I was using. The standard guidance on the OnSpeed site for such cases is to disable the offending program. Not a constructive advance - to say the least - so I hope that the appropriate commands will be altered soon.

More significantly, the conundrum persisted even when I switched off the OnSpeed claim on my PC; in the end I had to cut off the curriculum to get the spam filter effective again. I be expecting that this fault can be resolved, but obviously there are issues in this area that need to be addressed.

The software is easy to install, and is obtainable for Mac as well as Windows PCs. On the whole the assistance is surprisingly good, and a lot cheaper than broadband. Contrasting other 'speed-up' techniques that tweak your computer's settings but answer in little noticeable improvement, OnSpeed actually works.

I can counsel OnSpeed for dial-up users who can't defend the expense of broadband, or who are not located close a sufficient amount to a suitable exchange. OnSpeed is also affirmed to be great for mobile or PDA users, as GPRS (wireless) speeds can be boosted by as much as 8 times. It even helps with broadband if you can only get a reduced benefit in your area.

My generally rating is 4/5 - very good, but the email assist needs to be improved.

If you want auxiliary minutiae of OnSpeed, entertain visit http://www. On-Speed. net. There is a 14 day money-back guarantee, so you can try the advantage not including any risk.

Copyright Richard Prosser 2004

Richard is a software developer and entrepreneur, and may be contacted via the 'Article Tips' site given below. This article may be available not including permission, but only in its entirety.

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